If you are an Owner-Operator, Council or
Private Contractor, you need to be there!

Wednesday 7th August 2013, Reedy Creek Waste and Recycling Centre

Held in conjunction with the 5th Australian Landfill & Transfer Stations Conference and conveniently located only 20 minutes drive from the conference venue, this field day offers the opportunity to meet with manufacturers and view live equipment demonstrations, obtain essential industry knowledge and network with your industry colleagues in a relaxed environment.

The Field Day will include the following features:

  • Official opening of the field day by Queensland Minister for Environment, Mr Andrew Powell MP
  • Tour of Reedy Creek Waste and Recycling Centre infrastructure upgrade (see details below, please register as places are limited for this FREE tour)
  • Opportunity to meet with manufacturers
  • View equipment demonstrations
  • Snacks and drinks available on-site
  • Easy access with a courtesy bus to and from Jupiters Gold Coast (conference venue) & Varsity Train Station (see below for timetable)
  • Plenty of free parking

Bermuda Street (extension of Hutchinson Street), Reedy Creek

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The bus will drop off and pick up from Concierge at the front of the Jupiters.

Please click here to access the Queensland Rail Gold Coast line timetable.

Time Location
0800 Depart Jupiters
0820 Depart Varsity Train Station
0830 Depart Field Day
0900 Depart Jupiters
Official Opening of Field Day by Queensland Minister for Environment, Mr Andrew Powell MP
0920 Depart Varsity Train Station
0930 Depart Field Day
1000 Depart Jupiters
1020 Depart Varsity Train Station
1030 Depart Field Day
1040 Depart Varsity Train Station
1100 Depart Jupiters
1120 Depart Varsity Train Station
1130 Arrive Field Day
1145 Reedy Creek Waste and Recycling Centre Infrastructure Upgrade Tour
1330 Depart Field Day
1340 Depart Varsity Train Station
1400 Depart Jupiters
1420 Depart Varsity Train Station
1430 Depart Field Day
1440 Depart Varsity Train Station
1500 Depart Jupiters
1530 Depart Field Day
1540 Depart Varsity Train Station
1600 Arrive Jupiters

* Please note all times are approximate


Please CLICK HERE to register for this FREE tour. Please note places are limited. The tour will run for approximately 60 minutes.

The City of Gold Coast Council is undergoing some major changes to their Waste Management Infrastructure, with four of these key activities being undertaken at the Reedy Creek Waste Management Facility. It will be of interest to visitors to the site as these four activities are currently within the construction phase.

1. Reedy Creek Waste Transfer Station and Resource Drop off Centre - A large scale waste management facility including a recycling drop off centre with retail opportunities, a green waste collection area and a waste transfer station. Many construction activities are in full progress, including major bulk earthworks, roads & drainage, power & water, piling, structural steel building and steel reinforced retaining walls.

2. Reedy Creek Landfill C&D Recycling Pad - This is an area of land, currently prepared for the location of a new C&D Recycling area, which will be relocated from the existing site on the west of the facility to the area where the Field Expo is currently situated.

3. Reedy Creek Landfill Cell Construction - This project required major earthworks to fill an old quarry void, which required tight quality control on compaction and, due to the nature of the available materials, a lime treatment process for the pre-emptive neutralization of potential pyritic acidity. The final liner works are currently under construction with the placement of GCL, HDPE Liner, protection geotextile, drainage pipes, placement of drainage layer and sump construction.

4. Reedy Creek Landfill Wheelwash Facility - Traditionally, many landfill wheelwash facilities provide a wheel bath with shaker grate or a water pressure wheel wash system, which generally fail to operate effectively in a landfill environment. This new facility offers a combination system, with an initial wheel bath and shaker grate, followed by a pressure wheel wash system. The full system has been specifically designed for this landfill operation and incorporates a water capture/recycling and treatment system to minimise water loss.