Tours will depart from and return to Jupiters, assemble at the registration desk in the Pavilion Conference Centre. Both tours include a stop at the Landfill and Transfer Stations Field Day and a drive through of the GCCC Reedy Creek Waste and Recycling Centre developments.

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TOUR CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS: Closed-in footwear and long pants are required for all tours. It is suggested that you bring a hat, sunscreen and some water. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

Tour 1
Bus departs at 8.00am sharp and will return by 5.15pm.
The Logan Recycling Market, thought to be the largest of its kind in Australia, redirects goods from the community, business groups, landfill, and waste facilities by giving unwanted items a new lease of life.

The market is living proof of the age-old adage 'one man's trash is another man's treasure' and attracts more than 1,700 customers from across South-East Queensland each week.

As part of the improvements, the original dilapidated shed was replaced and the size of the sealed floor space was increased to help provide a larger covered shopping environment.
The Ti Tree BioENERGY bioreactor landfill is a joint venture between Veolia Environment and J.J Richards. Commissioned in June 2003, the facility is Queensland's first purpose designed, constructed and operated bioreactor landfill. It is comprehensively engineered, with a full containment lining system, extensive leachate recirculation and gas extraction networks and associated gas to energy plant.

Situated on a 36 million cubic metre void left over from a previous open cut coal operation, the facility uses bioreactor technology to rapidly stabilise waste. This accelerated decomposition results in the generation of biogas which can be harnessed to generate clean energy which is sold back to the grid.

In conjunction with the development of the green energy from the Bioreactors, the facility also focuses on sustainable development in all facets of its operations, such as the development of forestry plantations and wildlife corridors.
Rocklea Transfer Station is one of two transfer stations owned and operated by REMONDIS Australia (previously Thiess Services) in the Brisbane area. The facility receives commercial and industrial waste from a number of commercial operators.

It is a fully enclosed facility that is equipped with environmental controls to ensure minimal impact on local communities.  This site was the first in Australia to operate High Volume Side Tipper trailers.  These trailers are able to unload 38 tonnes of waste within 5 minutes compared to a traditional walking floor trailer that takes up to 30 minutes to unload approximately 24 tonnes.

Tour 2
Bus departs at 8.15am sharp and will return by 5.15pm.
The Molendinar Waste and Recycling Centre is the first of a series of new larger scale facilities constructed to replace the former landfill and as part of a waste facility network rationalisation program.

The facility incorporates a dedicated front end resource recovery operation prior to passing over the site’s weighbridge. The waste transfer function is a shallow push pit design and includes a mechanical waste compactor unit to enhance waste transport efficiencies offsite. Waste is transported offsite utilizing a fleet of 60m3 RORO bins. The site also includes a source separated greenwaste receival area.

Resource recovery is provided across all operational areas, with the facility presently recycling approximately 70% of its total throughput.
The J.J. Richards Waste Transfer Station at Stapylton was built in 2008 and currently handles approximately 90,000 tonnes per year. Over 75 percent of this is transported in B-double side tipper trailers to the Ti Tree BioENERGY Bioreactor Landfill at Willowbank.
Part of the Brisbane Waste Innovations Alliance (Brisbane City Council and REMONDIS), Rochedale Landfill has been operating since 1993 and was awarded the 2011 Landfill Excellence Award. Rochedale accepts approximately 500,000 tonnes of waste per annum. The site has landfill gas collection and accommodates Council’s Towards Zero Waste Education Centre, teaching the community about recycling, landfill management, gas capture systems and more. The Rochedale Landfill has an effective leachate treatment plant, storm water treatment systems, minimised workface, mobile litter screens, deodorisers, batter mulching to minimise fugitive methane emissions and substantial use of solar power.
The Acacia Ridge Tip Shop is one of two shops operated by Endeavour Foundation on behalf of Brisbane City Council. Developed in 2012 as part of the Lord Mayor of Brisbane key deliverables for the city, the shops are helping to increase the recovery of range of quality products from the domestic waste stream as part of the Councils Towards Zero Waste Strategy. The Endeavour Foundation, is one of the largest non-government organisations in Australia providing a wide range of opportunities for people with a disability.