WMAA 7th Landfill and Transfer Stations Conference 2017

Keynote Speakers

Barry Buffier
Chair and Chief Executive Officer, NSW Environment Protection Authority
Dr Ian Peggs
President, I-CORP International Incorporated, USA

Mr Buffier has had significant senior executive and board experience in the public and private sectors. This has included roles as Director-General, Department of Primary Industries; Director-General, State and Regional Development; and National Manager, Agribusiness at Westpac. 
Mr Buffier is also a Churchill Fellow and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Director.
He was announced as a member in the general division of the Order of Australia (AM) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in June 2015 for significant service to public administration through senior roles in the environment protection, primary industry and state development sectors.

Dr Peggs is a materials scientist/engineer who has worked on the performance of polymeric materials in the form of geosynthetics and pipe for over 30 years. During a five year stint with Hanson Materials Engineering in Edmonton, Alberta he met Bob Wallace, and together they started geosynthetics work under the joint venture name GeoSyntech.
At the Geosynthetics 1985 conference, a meeting with JP Giroud and Joe Fluet (GeoServices) resulted in Dr Peggs’ moving to sunny Florida to set up a geosynthetics testing laboratory named GeoSyntec. In 1991, I-CORP INTERNATIONAL was established to provide CQA and geosynthetic materials performance consulting services, and now has clients in over 40 countries. In 1994, Dr. Peggs was given a Special IGS Award for his work on the effects of microstructure on the stress cracking of HDPE geomembranes.

Eric Mead
Vice President, HDR Incorporated, USA
Dr Richard Brachman (Workshop & Conference)
Professor, Queens University, Canada

Based in the United States, Eric is an HDR vice-president and leads HDR’s Solid Waste Program for the Western Region. He has 27 years of experience in the solid waste field, with a focus on transfer stations, recycling facilities and landfills as part of an integrated solid waste system. For 13 years, Eric worked directly at landfills and transfer stations holding positions such as facility operator, general manager, engineer, and construction manager, gaining a valuable day-to-day requirements of the facilities. Eric has since spent the latter half of his career as an engineering consultant completing numerous waste projects including landfill expansions, new landfill cell construction, closed landfill audits, and new transfer station/recycling facility planning, permitting, design and construction. Eric is currently helping grow HDR’s Australian waste business and is a project management professional (PMP) and a registered professional engineer.

Dr Brachman’s unique expertise is measuring the physical response of geosynthetic liners using innovative large-scale experiments, field studies and numerical analysis. His contributions are related to determining the effects of stress, temperature, chemicals and time on soil-structure interactions that directly impact how well, and how long, these important components of the buried infrastructure perform their function. 
Dr Brachman has made significant contributions on the assessment of long-term strains in geomembranes as well as geosynthetic clay liner hydration and dimensional stability and the field performance of exposed composite liners. He is a co-author of Barrier Systems for Waste Disposal Facilities and is currently President-Elect of IGS-NA, the North American Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society and serves on the Executive Council of the Canadian Geotechnical Society.

Fred Gassner (Workshop)
Principal, Golder Associates, Australia
Dr John Scheirs (Workshop)
ExcelPlas Geosynthetics, Australia

Mr Gassner is a Geotechnical Engineer with over 35 years of experience in civil and mining industries as a consulting engineer. He has wide experience in the fields of mining, industrial and municipal waste, dam engineering and water management. He has special knowledge in geosynthetic engineering and works extensively in containment projects, both for solids and liquids. He has worked on a large number of projects in Australia and internationally, being responsible for the investigation, design, construction, operational advice and rehabilitation of a wide variety of landfill, mine tailings, water and environmental containment projects and published numerous technical papers.

Dr Scheirs is a polymer expert who runs ExcelPlas Geosynthetic Testing Labs and specialises in the testing and failure analysis of geomembranes and other geosynthetics for more than 20 years. He has over 50 scientific publications in international journals as well as six encyclopaedia chapters on polymers, plastic recycling and coatings. Dr Scheirs is the author of several leading textbooks on polymers and plastics including the reference book on Geomembranes entitled A Guide to Polymeric Geomembranes: A Practical Approach. Dr Scheirs is the Editor of Geosynthetic News and member of the editorial board of the International Journal Polymer Degradation and Stabilization.

Kent von Maubeuge (Workshop & Conference)
Vice President, NAUE Gmbh & Co. KG

Since 1985, Mr von Maubeuge has worked with two major geosynthetic manufacturers and has been involved in research and development. For more than 25 years, he has been an active member of various associations. Currently he is the convenor of the Working Group WG6 (Geosynthetic Barriers) for CEN Technical Committee TC 189. He is an International Geosynthetic Society (IGS) Council member and chairman of the Corporate Committee and Technical Committee on Barrier Systems.

Since 2002, he also serves on the Board of Directors for the Geosynthetic Institute, Folsom, USA and lectures on geosynthetics at two German universities. Mr von Maubeuge has published and presented many international papers on geosynthetics and is interested in the continuation of traditional IGS activities while helping to develop new activities which will aid in the expansion of knowledge and technological development of geosynthetics worldwide.


Dr Aaron Malloy
Waste Management Coordinator, Port Stephens Council
Adi Prasad
Environmental Consultant, MRA Consulting

Aaron Molloy

Since 2011, Mr Malloy has worked as the Waste Management Coordinator at Port Stephens Council, overseeing the waste collection and disposal contracts, waste transfer station and other related contracts. Prior to working at Port Stephens Council, Aaron worked for Transpacific Industries as the operations manager at their Kooragang Island hazardous waste treatment plant in Newcastle.

A Prasad

Mr Prasad works as an Environmental Consultant with MRA Consulting. He specialises in modelling for waste management, carbon reporting, data analysis, cost benefit analysis and grant applications. This includes waste-related data analyses, cost modelling for waste management systems, and carbon modelling/reporting (including emissions analysis and forecasting).

Aidan Marsh
Manager, DLA Environmental Services
Adrian Roberts
Principal Landfill Design and Remediation Engineer ,GHD

A Marsh

Mr Marsh is an Environmental Scientist who has worked in the landfill industry for a number of years. His background in operational management of landfill gas has given him a practical approach to consulting projects.

Mr Marsh has managed projects in the UK, Europe, US and Asia. In 2009 he moved to Australia to help manage remediation of a landfill in Victoria. He is now based in Queensland.

A Roberts

Mr Roberts has been involved in a wide range of projects and has developed a high level of knowledge in landfill design, construction and remediation, particularly in relation to the use of geosynthetics in landfill applications. This has included the design, specification, procurement and construction quality assurance of a wide range of geotextiles, geomembranes, geocomposite drainage layers, and geosynthetic clay liners in landfill capping and lining systems throughout Australia for municipal, industrial, mining and hazardous wastes.

Alex Kanaar
Site Manager, Veolia Australia and New Zealand
Amir Shahkolahi
Design Manager and Applications Engineer, Global Synthetics Pty Ltd

A Kanaar

Mr Kanaar has nine years’ experience in the recycling and waste management industry. Since February 2016, he has held the role of Banksmeadow and Port Botany Facilities Manager and was responsible for the mobilisation and operation of the Banksmeadow Transfer Terminal development.

Prior to this operational management role, Mr Kanaar was part of Veolia's tender team for the 10 Year Contract for Northern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils' (NSROC) Waste Disposal and Processing Services.

A Shahkolahi

As a designer, project manager and researcher, Amir has been involved in the Geosynthetic industry for the last 15 years and published over 40 technical papers. In 2015, he was awarded third place in the ISWA Publication Award and is currently working at Global Synthetics. Amir is the current secretary of the Australasian Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society and . Amir has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Master’s degree in Environmental engineering.

Andrea Walton
Research Social Scientists, CSIRO
Belinda Lau
Project Engineer, Kimbriki Environmnetal Enterprises Pty Ltd

Andrea Walton

Ms Walton's recent work includes social science research for the Gas Industry Social & Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA). These projects focus on community responses to coal seam gas development, investigating community resilience and wellbeing, and community expectations and acceptance.
Her other research experience at CSIRO includes projects that have investigated community acceptance of water policy initiatives, alternative water supply options, and behaviour change programs.

Belinda Lau

Ms Lau is a project engineer at Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises Pty Ltd and has been involved in a wide range of landfill engineering planning, design and construction activities since joining in 2015. This has included evaluating the performance of the landfill gas extraction system, preparing NGER reports, landfill gas monitoring, undertaking a detailed assessment of the risks presented by landfill gas and developing a new landfill gas monitoring program, designing horizontal gas collection trenches and evaluating the performance of a trial (and then full scale) temporary landfill biocover.

Darren Quinn
National Product Manager - Major Projects, Wastech Engineering Pty Ltd
David Hol
Project Planning and Facilities Manager, Glenelg Shire Council

Mr Quinn has been employed with Wastech Engineering for almost 8 years and has been involved in the day to day dealings with customers' waste solution requirements - from transporting vehicles through to processing facilities. He has extensive experience within the waste industry and sorting equipment design and has the ability to recommend the best possible solution and has a strong mechanical background and hands-on involvement in the installation of these systems.

David Hol

Mr Hol is the Project Planning and Facilities Manager at the Glenelg Shire Council overseeing the delivery of major projects and the effective management of waste services within the municipality. These two portfolios recently combined with the opening of the $4.5m Portland Waste Transfer Station in 2016, which was the result of a modern and innovative approach to waste management within the region.

Don Richardson
Principal Engineer, Golder Associates Pty Ltd
Emma Penfold
Acting Waste Management Coordinator, Port Stephens Council

Don Richardson

Mr Richards is a Principal Engineer based at Golder’s Adelaide office. Mr Richards has a broad range of experience with waste management facilities stretching from Vancouver to Canberra to the Flinders Ranges to Darwin. His case study of the Shoal Bay Landfill in Darwin shares solutions to a range of challenges in our "Top End".

Aaron Molloy

Ms Penfold has worked in waste at Port Stephens Council in various roles since 2004. She is currently responsible for waste education and waste avoidance initiatives and the day to day running of Council's kerbside waste collection contract and several other contracts within the team. Ms Penfold has worked in local government for 17 years.

Étienne Bordeleau
Environmental Engineer, GHD Pty Ltd
Herbert Kers
Senior Environmental Engineer, Tonkin Consulting

E Bordeleau

Mr Bordeleau has over 6 years’ environmental engineering experience and possesses strong client relation and communication skills, consistently applied to exceed client expectations. He specialises in solid waste management; leachate treatment; hydrogeological assessment and modeling; regulatory compliance including investigative and ongoing monitoring and reporting; financial assurance and closures; contaminated sites investigation, remediation, and closure; and design/build/commission and contract administration.

Herbert Kers

Mr Kers is a senior environmental engineer at Tonkin Consulting and was a steering group member of a European Network to stimulate the re-use of former landfills between 2006 and 2012. Since 2013, Herbert has worked on a case-study in roles from site assessment, ground improvement and earthworks material management advice, and landfill gas control design to procurement support and ongoing Principal Environmental Monitoring during the construction works.

Gavin Shapiro
Senior Associate, Henry Davis York
Isabel Axio
Waste Consultant/Environment Manager, JustWaste Consulting

G Shapiro

Mr Shapiro is a senior associate at Henry Davis York Lawyers. He has over a decade's experience in environment and planning law, with a particular focus on the waste industry. This includes the procurement of waste services, environmental prosecutions and litigation, advising clients on environmental regulation and compliance, assisting in infrastructure projects, PPPs and the approval of new waste facilities.

Isabel Axio

Ms Axio graduated from the University of Queensland with a degree in Environmental Management (major in Sustainable Development) with first class honours. Now based in Tasmania, she has been working with JustWaste Consulting since 2015. Whilst working in this small consultancy, she has been engaged in kerbside and transfer station audits, landfill and transfer station site location investigations and environmental compliance assessments as well as EPA approvals and waste specific studies.

Jack Walker
Project Manager, Cleanaway
James MacKenzie
Principal, Mackenzie Environmental

Jack Walker

Mr Walker has over seven years’ geotechnical and civil engineering experience on projects across the United Kingdom, Middle East and Australia. His experience has stretched over the infrastructure, power and waste management sectors. Since relocating to Australia, Jack's primary focus has been cell construction and delivery across Cleanaway’s Clayton sites in Melbourne’s South East. The cells constructed have been the final landfill developments on each of the sites and posed significant groundwater, geotechnical, airspace and timing challenges.

James MacKenzie

Mr MacKenzie is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland who has been consulting to the Australian landfill and waste management sectors for the past fifteen years. Jame's experience covers all aspect of landfill operations from engineering design to environmental licence compliance issues and risk assessments. His landfill design experience spannings cells, ponds and rehabilitation includes design of piggyback and double composite liners.

Justin Jones
Director, JustWaste Consulting
Kapila Bogoda
Senior Applied Scientist - Landfills, Environment Protection Authority Victoria

J Jones

Mr Jones has been involved in the waste industry for 20 years, being born into a family waste collection business in Tasmania. Thirteen years ago, with a desire to work more closely on strategic planning, waste minimisation, waste auditing and resource recovery, JustWaste Consulting was formed.

Mr Jones’ passion takes him from auditing through rubbish one day, to presenting in a workshop about strategy the next. His integrity and willingness drives him to provide client focused outcomes.

Kapila Bogoda

Mr Bogoda is a Senior Applied Scientist at the Victorian Environment Protection Authority with over 30 years of experience working in environmental regulation, waste management, environmental engineering, pollution control and hydrogeology. Mr Bogoda's' experience covers providing technical expert advice for regulatory decisions, legal proceedings and policy development with particular emphasis on landfills.

Leo Reid
Technical Director, AECOM
Lizanne Obersky
PhD Candidate, University of Queensland

Leo Reid

Mr Reid has extensive experience in waste management, land development and civil engineering fields since 1983. He has been involved with a number of sites throughout Australia, Georgia and Papua New Guinea. The waste management projects included conceptual design and permitting through to final design, construction supervision, supervision of GITA & CQA staff and ongoing management. He has provided assistance to landfill operators during development and operation of many sites in relation to forward planning, materials sourcing, materials management, site operations, leachate management and closure strategies. 

Lizanne Obersky

Ms Obersky is a final year PhD Candidate at the Centre for Solid Waste Bioprocessing, University of Queensland (UQ). She completed her BE at UQ in Chemical Engineering in 2012. Her thesis aims to develop a technique to estimate simultaneous in-situ aerobic (CH4 oxidation and composting) and anaerobic processes in a shallow waste layer. This project was investigated through an 18-month field trial at the Swanbank landfill, conducting landfill gas monitoring.

Marissa Theodorou
Civil Engineer, GHD Pty Ltd
Mark Koller
Principal Environment Engineer, GHD Pty Ltd

Marissa Theodorou

Ms Theodorou is a civil engineer, who has been working in the waste management sector since 2012. During this time, Marissa has contributed to the preparation of landfill cap, cell and leachate pond detailed design documentation, the development of rehabilitation plans, environmental risk assessments and cost estimates. Marissa has also undertaken the CQA Inspector role for installation of geomembrane and geotextile for the capping system at the Koonwarra Landfill, and installation of GCL, geomembrane, geotextile and leachate collection system for a new cell at the Bulla Landfill.

mark Koller

Mr Koller is a Principal Environmental Engineer at GHD and has more than 30 years’ experience working primarily in the waste management sector. Mark has successfully completed a broad range of waste management projects throughout Australia for local, regional and state government, private waste management companies and manufacturing industry. He has been involved in the design and providing tendering and construction support for the development of new, or expansion of existing, waste management infrastructure including landfills, leachate ponds, landfill gas extraction systems, transfer stations, resource recovery facilities and composting plants.

Mark Smith
Team Lead, Waste Education, Sustainability Victoria
Martin Gravett
Project Manager - Major Programs, Cleanaway

MArk Smith

Mr Smith is the Team Lead of Waste Education at Sustainability Victoria. He leads a dynamic team dedicated to delivering Victoria’s first statewide waste education strategy with a current focus on resource recovery, litter and illegal dumping, waste management as an essential service and food waste avoidance programs. Mark has over 15 years’ experience working across the private, community and public sector on a range of programs and projects including public education and engagement programs, behaviour change strategies and recently the Victorian Waste Education Strategy, the Victorian Litter Plan, EPA’s Licenced Operator Risk Assessment Model and Illegal Dumping Strike Force program.

Martin Gravett

Mr Gravett has worked in the waste management sector for almost 25 years. He began his career as a degree qualified construction engineer. Martin has had various roles managing technical development, integration, innovation and project delivery including waste processing systems development, new technology commercialisation and transport logistics enhancement. He is co-inventor of seven patents in waste separation and processing. Now with Cleanaway, he is a Brisbane-based project manager developing resource recovery and post-collections infrastructure projects nationally.

Melinda Lizza
Business Development Manager, Cleanaway Solid Waste Pty Ltd
Nadine Nilon
Manager Technical Services, City of Darwin

M Lizza

With over 18 years’ experience in the waste and electronics recycling industry, Ms Lizza has developed knowledge of waste management, recycling and resource recovery processes and solutions.

Her current role as Business Development Manager at Cleanaway VIC Post Collections involves building long term relationships with key stakeholders, developing strategies to maximise growth whilst prolonging the life of the landfill airspace.

Ms Nilon is a civil engineer and has been working at the City of Darwin for over 8 years. In 2012, she became responsible for waste management at Council, including the Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility, which has the only licenced landfill in the region.

Nigel Ruxton
Group Manager Design, Golder Associates
Neil Thomson
Senior Associate, Senversa

N Ruxton

Mr Ruxton is the Group Manager Design at Godler Associates and leader of the Queensland waste management team. He is responsible for the design, technical direction and management of solid waste management projects, including geosynthetic lined containment systems. Mr Ruxton has managed and led multidisciplinary design teams on a variety of waste management projects, including landfill design and restoration, waste transfer stations and recycling centres. He has considerable experience during the construction stage of these projects having regularly fulfilled the role of Engineer/Superintendent, Resident Engineer and Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) Engineer.

He is currently project manager and RPEQ for a piggy back landfill design, and numerous landfill closure projects across Queensland.

Neil Thompson

Mr Thomson has over 30 years’ ground engineering experience in the United Kingdom, South-East Asia and Australia. He has broad and significant experience in delivering ground engineering components of land development, waste management, infrastructure and energy projects in both the private and public sectors. Neil's experience includes construction management, environmental and geotechnical consulting, ground investigation, site assessment and remediation.

Nick Bailey
Team Leader, Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure, Sustainabilty Victoria
Olga Ghiri
Stakeholder and Community Engagement Manager, Cleanaway

Nick Bailey

Mr Bailey is Team Leader in Sustainability Victoria’s Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure team. He has been with SV for 8 years and during this time he has been involved in a range of projects relating to landfill improvement and closure and the upgrading and development of new transfer station/resource recovery facilities. Prior to joining Sustainability Victoria he was a Senior Lecturer at the University of Melbourne managing its Centre for Urban Horticulture.

Olga Ghiri

Ms Ghiri is the Stakeholder and Community Engagement Manager for Cleanaway. She has a wealth of experience and expertise working alongside diverse stakeholder groups, with hands-on experience as an engagement and communications strategist across the mining, banking, government and waste sectors. Olga was instrumental in initiating Cleanaway’s stakeholder and community engagement program in 2011, which continues to underpin Cleanaway’s corporate social responsibility and commitment to local communities.

Patrick Navin
Director, Iolar Consulting Services
Paul Antony
Engineering and Environmental Projects Manager, Cleanaway

Patrick Navin

Mr Navin has over 20 years’ experience in the environmental and waste management industries in both government and private sectors. This includes management of major landfills and recycling facilities, collections, contracting and consultancy services. Five years ago, Pat started his own company providing consultancy services to local government and the private sector and 3 years ago started an operations company that now operates 13 transfer stations sites, 3 recycle markets and provides cardboard collection services for 4 Queensland local councils.

Paul Antony

In 2011, Mr Antony commenced his career in the waste industry after completing Masters in Solid Waste Management from UNSW, Sydney. He is experienced in design and development of various waste processing and disposal facilities. He joined Cleanaway Waste Management in 2015 and is responsible for executing capital projects in WA.

Paul Lightbody
Principal, Mockinya Consulting
Phil Carbins
NSW Projects Director, SUEZ

P Lightbody

Mr Lightbody is the Principal of Mockinya Consulting and has more than 25 years’ experience in the waste management sector as a Consulting Engineer, with experience in landfill and transfer station design, water management and site remediation. 

Mr Lightbody has overseen the development, expansion, closure and post closure management of landfills with challenging materials and LFG issues, which have required planning and innovation to meet stakeholder requirements.

Recent projects have included the successful application of alternative cover systems in closure, monitoring LFG emissions to verify performance of a soil cover as a passive gas control system, development of risk based controls to enable development at old MSW landfill sites and the characterisation of residual materials for beneficial reuse. 

P Carbins

Mr Carbins has over 25 years engineering, operations, asset and business management experience within technical, environmental and regulated industries, including over 17 years’ waste management and resource recovery experience specialising in landfill development, operations and rehabilitation.

Mr Carbins’ roles and experience have given him a direct and comprehensive knowledge of the issues facing the waste industry, particularly in Sydney; a commitment to strategic waste infrastructure planning and development; and a thorough understanding of the risks and challenges facing the recycling and recovery industry.

He is the Chairman of the Australian Landfill Owners Association (ALOA) and has had significant involvement in the clean energy legislation, carbon farming initiative and broader state and federal government policy and regulation.

Rowan Cossins
Associate Director, AECOM
Sam Bateman
Principal Consultant at Bateman Brothers Consulting

Rowan Cossins

Mr Cossins has found that having a rubbishy career for more than 10 years, is truly rewarding. There is a bit of everything in waste management, and being an engineering consultant means that he really enjoys helping people and their communities find solutions and deliver projects across advisory, concept, construction, operation and rehabilitation stages.

Sam Bateman

Mr Bateman has been involved in the landfill industry since 1986, when he developed Australia’s first LFG to electricity project in Northcote, Victoria. Since then, he has been a consultant for 26 years, and managed Hanson’s landfill business for 12 years. Sam has been very active in WMAA, first as Chair of the Landfill Victoria Working Group, before founding and chairing the National Landfill Division. He established Bateman Brothers Consulting in 2014 and advises clients on all aspects of landfills.

Shekar Alta
Coordinator Waste and Major Projects, Baw Baw Shire Council
Siamak Pahlevan-Zadeh
Senior Civil Engineer, Golder Associates Pty Ltd

Sekar Alta

Mr Alta is presently Coordinator Waste and Major Projects with the Baw Baw Shire Council, having joined the municipality in 2009. He has 12 years’ experience with local government, dealing mainly with civil engineering projects, including subdivisions, and major building works. Prior to joining local government, Alta worked as a Site Engineer for Grocon Constructions on the Queen Victoria building in Melbourne from project commencement to completion.  

Siamak Pahlevan-Zadeh

Mr Pahlevan-Zadeh is a Senior Geotechnical Engineer with over 15 years' professional experience in civil/geotechnical engineering research and practice in waste management, mining industry, urban development, roads and transport infrastructure. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer and has managed multidisciplinary design projects including: landfill and waste management projects, design and construction quality assurance and quality control, surveillance and construction inspections, tailings storage facility planning, design, construction supervision, technical specification, operation, lifting and rehabilitation.

Steven Thanos
Environmental Engineer, GHD Pty Ltd
Dr Stuart Dever
Principal Engineerr, Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises Pty Ltd

Steven Thanos

Mr Thanos has over six years of professional experience working in the waste management industry. Specialising in environmental management and compliance, he has worked for a range of private and Government clients in Australia and abroad. Steven has substantial experience in environmental monitoring, assisting with environmental audits (53V and 53X), developing risk assessment and monitoring programs and hydrogeological assessments. He also has experience with construction supervision and Quality Assurance for installation of geosynthetic liners.

Stuart Dever

Dr Dever is Principal Engineer at the Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre. He is also a specialist lecturer in waste management at the University of New South Wales. Dr Dever has more than 25 years’ experience working in the waste management industry, and has worked as an engineer on a wide range of projects encompassing waste management planning; planning, design, construction and monitoring of landfill facilities; investigation and remediation of old landfill sites; facility approvals and licensing; waste minimisation and recycling; waste treatment and energy recovery.

Tania Kiley
Principal Adviser Waste Management, Environment Protection Authority SA
Tanja Blazeka Kojc
Senior Civil Engineer, GHD Pty Ltd

Tania Kiley

Ms Kiley is the Principal Adviser Waste Management for the South Australian Environment Protection Authority (EPA). The focus of her role is to ensure, through management of the Waste Management team, that statutory obligations of the E PA are maintained in relation to waste-related licensing, complaints and development assessment. She is also required to actively contribute to the project management and implementation of specialist projects, corporate strategies and policies.

Tania Blazek Kojc

Ms Blazek Kojc is a Senior Landfill designer and a certified GCI-ICP CQA Inspector with 10 years of professional experience in civil and environmental engineering. She specialises in the field of solid waste management and environmental infrastructure engineering. Tanya has significant experience in the preparation of detailed landfill cell and capping designs together with other infrastructure pertinent to landfill operations, Construction Quality Assurance services and geosynthetic research.

Troy Uren
Manager – Waste Services, Toowoomba Regional Council
Wajahat Bajwa
Principal Engineer, GHD Pty Ltd

T Uren

Mr Uren is currently the Manager – Waste Services at the Toowoomba Regional Council. He is a highly skilled professional who has held senior positions in the public and private sectors, with a track record in delivering complex infrastructure and service delivery projects in Australia and overseas.

Mr Uren has specific experience in business strategy and feasibility, procurement, logistics, infrastructure planning and delivery structures and has managed a number of infrastructure delivery projects through all phases of the delivery life cycle. His key focus in delivering infrastructure is to understand how the infrastructure will operate and the key cost drivers over the life of the infrastructure. This allows a focus on what is important and how to structure delivery to achieve the best overall outcome.

Wajahat Bajwa

Mr Bajwa is a principal engineer at GHD and an EPA appointed auditor for industrial facilities. He has over twenty years’ experience in the waste management sector. Waji also has over eight years auditing experience. His roles have involved legislative compliance, research and development, operational management, and project management. His clients have varied from government agencies, statutory authorities, industry associations, manufacturers and the waste management industry.

Global Synthetics
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