Continuing the series of very successful conferences in 2009, 2010 and 2011, the 4th Australasian Industrial Ecology Conference returns to Sydney, the birthplace of the Australasian Industrial Ecology Network (AIEN), from 16 to 18 October 2013. The conference is the result of the close collaboration and coordination between the AIEN and important stakeholders in industrial ecology from industry, government and academia.

The aim of the 4th Australasian Industrial Ecology Conference is to showcase and promote leading examples of initiatives that pioneer the optimisation of material and energy flows within industry.  In particular, how organic waste, consumer waste, packaging waste and more can be economically reutilised whilst embodying the ultimate Industrial Ecology goal of ‘zero waste’.

Some typical feedback from the previous conference included:
“I am coming again”…”best conference ever “… “I just wish I had more time to talk” … “I not only know what to do but now I know how to do it “ ... “The guy I was talking to over dinner was so far down the road on where our business has to go that what I learnt last night saved our business $50K and 2 years of pain”.

The conference series promotes the practice of industrial ecology (IE) in Australia generally. Each event provides a stimulating forum in which ideas and opportunities can be presented and discussed. Conference presentations are focussed on practical outcomes and solutions for managing business wastes - not just talking about it but actually doing something about it and simultaneously making/saving money.