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Salvaging scrap metal recycling in Australia


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Scrap metal

Over the past five years, the scrap metal recycling industry has experienced a tumultuous period, with annual revenue contracting during that period.

With declines in metal prices, reduced output and lower domestic manufacturing levels being detrimental to the industry’s downstream markets, what is the future of scrap metal recycling in Australia?

We look at the current trends and future projections for the scrap metal recycling industry.

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Fourth Emissions Reduction Fund auction announced

Clean Energy Regulator

The Clean Energy Regulator has announced that it will hold the fourth Emissions Reduction Fund auction for carbon abatement contracts on Wednesday 16 November and Thursday 17 November 2016.

Applications for project registration close midnight AEDT Wednesday, 4 October 2016

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NGER measurement technical guidelines released


The Department of the Environment and Energy has updated the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme (measurement) - technical guidelines for the estimation of emissions by facilities in Australia, providing additional guidance to assist reporters with estimating emissions applicable to the 2015-16 and 2016-17 reporting years.

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Call for comment on the Draft NSW CDS Bill and Framework Paper


On 23 August 2016, the NSW Government released the draft Waste and Resource Recovery Amendment (Container Deposit Scheme) Bill 2016 (the Bill) and a CDS Regulatory Framework Discussion Paper for public consultation.

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BBP Stripout Waste Guidelines available

building stripout

The Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) has released the Stripout Waste Guidelines. The guidelines are designed to l assist tenants, building owners and contractors in the procurement and execution of best practice stripout operations, with the aim of achieving a 60 percent resource recovery diversion without compromising the cost or time of stripout projects.

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OTHER NEWS: We are wasting our waste

industrial waste

University of Sydney chemical engineering experts advise that we are wasting our waste, particularly, our industrial waste.

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OTHER NEWS: Finland opens first gourmet “leftovers” restaurant


Finland has opened its first restaurant which serves dishes made of leftover food or food with a shelf life about to expire. This initiative is gaining momentum and is expected to help combat global warming and waste problems.

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OPINION: Landfills – Life in the old dog yet?


The collection and disposal of waste to land, generally without any treatment, was the bedrock of waste management until the early part of this century. Legislation and social change provided a very clear message… treatment of waste was going to be needed landfilling was no longer an option.

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