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REPORT: Full to the brim - Skip bin rental in Australia


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Skip bins

The skip bin rental industry has expanded at a steady pace over the past five years. The industry is currently in the growth phase of its economic life cycle, driven by product development and the market broadening into commercial and household applications.

With the industry’s performance being subdued in 2015-16 due to the deteriorating demand from the construction and manufacturing industries, we take a look at the industry’s future.

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Updates from WMAA Board


The WMAA Board met on 21 September 2016. The final stage of the CEO recruitment process was completed, and an announcement will follow shortly.

The Board also reviewed priority advocacy issues for the incoming CEO to progress, which include:

  • recognition of the value of the industry
  • regulatory reform
  • national leadership in key areas

Draft General Approval (Biosolids) open for comment (QLD)


The draft general approval for Biosolids is currently available for comment.

DEHP proposes to grant a new general beneficial use approval to allow for the use of biosolids, and invites comments on the draft approval.

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Consultation on end of waste provisions (QLD)


The current beneficial use approval system for approving the use of a waste as a resource under the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011 is due to be replaced by a new end of waste framework from 8 November 2016

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EPA SA Waste Reform Amendment Bill consultation open

waste reform

The Environment Protection (Waste Reform) Amendment Bill is the beginning of a legislative program to improve methods to deal with inappropriate waste management practices and the illegal dumping of waste material..

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SA Waste Levy charges take effect

waste levy

An increase to the solid waste levy announced recently as part of the 2016 State Budget took effect from 1 September this year.

As part of the recent state budget, the government also announced a reduced disposal rate of $31 per tonne for packaged asbestos waste from 1 September.

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New ISWA President inaugurated

A Mavropoulos

At the ISWA Congress 2016 in Novi Sad, Serbia, Antonis Mavropoulos was formally elected and inaugurated as the new President of ISWA.

A Chemical Engineer by profession, Antonis has worked tirelessly over many years as founder and CEO of D-Waste, as well as in his capacity as Chair of ISWA’s Scientific and Technical Committee. He also operates a second waste consultancy, EPEM.

*Image source: Waste Management World

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OTHER NEWS: Maroochydore to ditch wheelie bins in high-tech rubbish revolution


Wheelie bins will be banned and rubbish will go underground when an automated waste system is installed on the Sunshine Coast.

The high-tech, automated waste collection system is an Australian-first and will become part of the new 53-hectare Maroochydore CBD.

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OTHER NEWS: UK-based Wilson Bio-Chemical opens autoclave waste plant


UK-based autoclave waste specialist Wilson Bio-Chemical has opened its micro autoclave fibre production plant for turning municipal solid waste (MSW) into biomass fibre that can be converted into chemicals or fuels.

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OTHER NEWS: Singapore green group calls for mandatory plastic bag charge

plastic bags

In a bid to reduce the wasteful use of plastic bags and encourage people to bring their own reusable bags when shopping, Singapore’s newest green group Zero Waste SG has called for a scheme that imposes a mandatory charge for plastic bags in the city-state.

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