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The WMAA Board held its last meeting for 2016 on 30 November 2016 and:

  • Welcomed Gayle Sloan, your new CEO who has arrived with a strong agenda and a ‘members-first approach’. It has been great to see Gayle getting out and meeting members whilst also tackling administrative and financial matters in readiness for end-of-year and the commencement of membership renewals;
  • Discussed the proposed budget for 2017, including discussion around a minimum increase in fees to successfully continue to cover the costs associated with the administration of the organisation and its members;
  • Looked for opportunities to potentially broaden the revenue base to ensure WMAA’s financial stability and services to its members;
  • Noted that WMAA events have been well received this year, and all those involved in delivering these events have done a terrific job;
  • Discussed the WMAA business plan for 2017 in relation to key strategic directions, including bringing Branch Presidents together for a planning day in March 2017 to ensure all members interests’ are represented;
  • Confirmed the distribution of the Board’s priorities for policy engagement and development in 2017 to members and branches for comment and feedback, utilising branch committees and E-news;
  • Would like to thank all members for their support in 2016 and wish all members and their families a very merry Xmas and happy new year. We look forward to your continued support and engagement in 2017.
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NSW C&D Working Group has its say on the proposed guidelines for the operation of C&D recycling facilities in NSW

EPA VIC C&D waste

Members of the WMAA NSW C&D Working Group, along with NSW EPA and WCRA representatives, have recently participated in a working group to prepare draft conditions for the proposed guidelines for the operation of C&D recycling facilities in NSW, which will cover requirements for inspection, sorting, processing, stockpiling and testing of products.

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Melbourne’s new waste plan to drive resource recovery: Special Briefing for WMAA members

WMAA government submissions

On 24 November 2016 a briefing session by Rob Millard, CEO, Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) on the recently approved Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan (the Plan) was held specifically for WMAA members in Victoria.

This is the first of seven Regional Plans that will link with the broader Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan (SWRIP) and other waste strategies.

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WMAA NSW Branch wraps up 2016


L-R: Luke Agati Director and Chief Executive Officer REMONDIS; the Hon Mark Speakman MP, NSW Minister for Environment, Minister for Heritage, and Assistant Minister for Planning; Mark Venhoek Chief Executive Officer SUEZ - Australia and New Zealand

With WMAA’s Victorian branch setting a high bar for end of year festivities, the NSW branch was extra keen to ensure the success of its inaugural end of year dinner on Wednesday 30 November 2016. A solid crowd converged on the swanky Four Seasons hotel for what was a fantastic night, rubbing shoulders with NSW Environment Minister the Hon Mark Speakman MP, members of the WMAA National Board and distinguished guests from across the sector. In between the classy bits, of course, most people just enjoyed catching up with old and new friends from across the industry and contributing a bit of extra feedstock to the state’s glass recycling sector.

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WMAA QLD Branch ends the year with an eye on 2017

QLD end of year function

Last week, the WMAA QLD Branch held its first meeting of the newly elected committee, with Gayle Sloan, WMAA Chief Executive Officer, in attendance.

During the committee meeting, the focus and direction of the branch in 2017, and in particular that of the working groups, were discussed. Next year, Queensland will host WasteQ, WMAA’s biennial premier industry conference which focuses on local, regional and national topics and agendas that are of special significance to the Sunshine State.

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CER announces fourth Emission Reduction Fund auction results


The Clean Energy Regulator has announced the results of the fourth Emission Reduction Fund (ERF) auction, awarding contracts for 34.4 million tonnes of abatement at an average price of $10.69 per tonne. Abatement committed at this auction will be delivered under 47 Carbon Abatement Contracts for a total value of $367 million.

More than $440 million remains available for future abatement purchase through the Fund. A fifth ERF auction is scheduled for April 2017.

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$4.176 million in Commonwealth funding boosts South Australia’s disaster resilience


Applications are now open for grant funding under the Natural Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP).

Up to $250,000 per annum can be sought as a contribution toward the total cost of each project.

Applications close COB 13 January 2017

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Waste Hubs Framework Consultation Paper open for comment (VIC)


Sustainability Victoria (SV) is currently undertaking a project to further clarify the hubs concept that is established by the Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan, 2015 (SWRRIP). To that end SV has prepared the Waste Hubs Framework Consultation Paper.

SWRRIP lists 23 hubs of state importance based on their existing operations and importance to the Victorian waste and resource recovery system. The purpose of identifying hubs is to initiate discussion required to plan for future activities at these hubs.

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Call for comment: Scheduled Premises Regulations (VIC)

scheduled premises

The VIC EPA is reviewing the Scheduled Premises Regulations and has released a Regulatory Impact Statement and an exposure draft of the proposed 2017 Environment Protection (Scheduled Premises) Regulations for comment.

The current regulations apply requirements to a range of industrial and commercial activities with the potential for significant environmental impacts. They prescribe premises in Victoria that are required to obtain an EPA works approval and/or licence, and/or provide a financial assurance.

The new regulations are proposed to take effect from 25 June 2017.

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Innovyz 9 commercialisation program applications now open (SA)


Innovyz, in partnership with Green Industries SA, has announced that applications are now open for their next program, Waste & Recycle Technologies, which focuses on innovative ways to reduce waste, enhance recycling or return waste as resource.

The program is designed for individuals, companies, universities and research centres who have research, IP, products or services related to:

  • reductions in the amount of waste going to landfill
  • carbon emission reductions
  • resource recovery
  • cost savings and productivity improvements resulting from improved processes
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OTHER NEWS: A shot at coffee cup recycling

Close the Loop

WMAA member, Closed Loop Environmental Solutions, has just completed a trial that could eventually lead to the country's first coffee cup recycling facility.

Closed Loop Environmental Solutions has taken a successful first step towards opening a dedicated takeaway coffee cup recycling facility in the country after a four-week pilot to provide bins where office workers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane could toss their used coffee cups.

Closed Loop Environmental Solutions has collaborated with researchers in the United Kingdom to develop a technology that can recycle the cups. Called ‘Simply Cups’, the technology can turn used paper cups into new plastic compounds without having to separate the paper and plastic components.

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