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Review of WA Waste Strategy

The Australian waste industry is a victim of its own success. You, as industry professionals, appreciate the critical importance of what we do, and the complexity of getting it right but the simple fact is that all the average community member knows is that they wheel out full bins, something magical happens, and they can start to fill the bin again. Waste is a classic "out of sight out of mind" issue for modern societies.

Of course, that has changed recently, with ABC's "war on waste" program and then the 4 Corners report "trashed". The industry at large was very upset with the 4 Corners program. Everyone here knows that there are legitimate problems in our sector, and many of the issues "uncovered" by the ABC are the same issues WMAA has been talking about for years.

But what made me angry was that 4 Corners didn't provide a balanced account of what we do. It didn't point out that the vast majority of the 50,000 employed in the industry and the companies operating in this space are doing the right thing, and it didn't highlight that there are a lot of groups already forging ahead to solve some of the problems that were documented.

That one-sided coverage dragged us all through the mud, it damaged a fragile public trust, it made our jobs harder and it simply wasn't a fair portrayal of our sector. Industry and WMAA have been highlighting the problem of landfill price disparity for years.  The solution is a harmonised approach to landfill levies across Australia which need to be set at a high enough level to reflect the true cost of land filling, and to encourage alternative approaches.  Which is why, last month, WMAA launched the Waste of Origin Pledge .  At its base level the pledge is a challenge to the industry to join the fight against irresponsible, dangerous and environmentally damaging practices in the sector.

But ultimately what the pledge is about is saying to state and federal governments “The industry does not want to shirk its responsibility. We want to work with you. We all know that transportation of waste over long distances is irresponsible, dangerous and environmentally damaging. Let’s do something about it.”

Right now inconsistent State regulation creates a massive incentive for millions of tonnes of waste to be transported many hundreds of kilometres. This creates environmental harm and this situation must stop. Trashed focused on NSW and QLD but this is a nationwide issue. WMAA and the industry once again call on state regulators to support legitimate operators by closing the loopholes that create an uneven playing field.

To all of you who have yet to join with the rest of the industry in the voluntary Waste of Origin Pledge, please visit the WMAA website and join because as a sector we need to do a better job of promoting what we already do well and what we can do even better, to provide even better VALUE for our communities, in line with their expectations of how we manage their waste streams.

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