WMAA is well aware that the recycling industry has been under significant strain for a number of years, due to many factors including lack of sustainable secondary markets in Australia, increasing regulation, unrealistic customer expectation, volatility of global commodity markets and increasingly confusing packaging and limited public education.

We have to act now and solve this issue once and for all, taking all necessary actions Australia wide, to structurally move from a linear approach for managing waste (take, make and dispose) to a circular approach to resource management.

Recycling is not optional it’s a vital part of our continued existence on a planet with an exploding population that has finite resources.  This is not up for debate.  We must recycle to keep the virgin material extracted at their highest and best use for as long as possible.

Everyone along the resource chain of responsibility from designer to producer to retailer to consumer to government to householder to recycler to remanufacturer, all have something to contribute and a role to play.  It is no one person failing or fault.

The real question is how do we take full responsibility for recycling the resources we use in Australia?
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